about Connie

My passion for design started when I was growing up as the child of an Air Force Officer.  We moved often and I loved arranging and rearranging the same pieces of furniture in my bedroom.  After graduating from college, I continued nurturing my passion for design and have designed a huge portfolio of homes, estates, townhomes and second homes for a wide range of people and personalities.

I consider myself to be a “Concierge Designer”, which really means that what I do is to provide emotional support and empathy to my clients while I am helping them discover what they really want their home to feel like.  It means that I enjoy listening to what they think their needs are and then helping them discover what it is they really want. It’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle when the client doesn’t know what he wants the puzzle to look like in the end.

For example, I have done several projects for clients who have found themselves moving to a new home with limited time to create a welcoming environment for themselves.  In these cases, I have not only purchased furniture, designed draperies, found art and created room layouts, but have bought linens, tableware, dishes, glasses, and everything necessary for a fully functional home.

My most recent project in this category was for Kidd Kraddick who is the host of a nationally syndicated morning radio show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.  He moved to a new home, but was too busy to take the time to create an enjoyable environment for himself.  I was able to step in and help him with more than just basic design. 

On the other side of the spectrum, I am currently working on a 25,000 square foot residence in Dallas whose owners are very sophisticated collectors of fine and rare antiques know exactly what they want.  I am helping them to create a spectacular house for entertaining as well as a comfortable home environment for their family.  They know exactly what they want to create and it is my job to be a steward of their needs.

My personal passion is for discovering unique noteworthy items from auctions and upscale consignment stores.  This “repurposing” of items is intriguing and exciting and has led to some amazing “finds” for my clients…….a $10,000 chandelier for $800…..a set of antique Louis XV chairs in a small town resale shop…. I love repurposing beautiful items.

about i.i.d.

The team at Incognito has a great time every day on the job and we strive to help you enjoy the design process as much as we do.   Designing your home or office is sometimes viewed as a long and expensive pain in the you-know-what, but it truly doesn’t have to be that way.

Incognito is different because we want you to have fun while creating a space that you will feel comfortable in and that will truly reflect you.   Do you already have a complete vision, pictures of the design styles you like and a detailed floor plan?  Great!  We can help you to realize exactly what you were looking for (at a lower price than you could find yourself) and perhaps help to guide you to some unexpected design elements that you didn’t know you would love.  Have no idea what you want and feel lost even starting?  No problem there either, we could get started by having a quick cup of coffee or a glass of wine at lunch and just getting to know each other.  A lot of what I do as a designer is to get to know your personality, because that is a huge reflection of what type of style you will be happy with.

It’s important that you know that the design process is all about you.  My feelings don’t get hurt if you don’t like my ideas… I have plenty of them to go around.  The goal is for you to end up with a design that you look at every day and absolutely love!

At Incognito, we have a wonderful group of people.  In addition to a great design team, we also have an artist and relationship with some of the best contacts available in every aspect of the design world from custom furniture, bedding and draperies, to architectural and landscape design.  And let’s not forget the handmade custom dog beds!

We welcome all sizes of projects, and have designed everything from a single window, a college students condo (on a miniscule budget) to a 25,000 square foot estate, complete with 10 car garage, wine cellar and wine dining room, not to mention 25 seat theater.  And while some other design firms have huge overheads to maintain, and giant public relations and publicity budgets to cover, our goal is to provide the best service possible with a great attitude and a price tag that won’t make you forget how much fun you had in the designing process when you get the bill!


Jessica Knopick
and Connie Howe
Passion is the key to life. The more you embrace life with passion, the more it embraces you back, sometimes in the most unexpected ways!